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A Leap of Faith

A Leap of Faith documents the lives and service experiences of the men and women who served post 9/11 and explores their service, their return home and how the overall experience shaped and molded them upon transitioning back to civilian life.

We have a moral obligation to know our Veterans. By revealing their stories that are not in textbooks, we share an important part of history that needs to be known and passed down for generations to come. It is an honor featuring our Veteran’s stories to remember and honor their service and our history, which gives us strength and empowers us to move forward making better world and future for our children. From the Veterans of World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia, Desert Storm the Gulf War to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and now continuing issues with Syria and Russia, loved ones are looking for words that tell our troops of the past and present just how much America appreciates them.

The Soldier’s faith also emerged as strength and resonates through their incredible stories. Each Veteran story is preceded by their favorite psalm. For the author, this was a spiritual awakening on many levels. She hopes it will be the same for those who read A Leap of Faith.

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When Mommy Comes Home

Inspired by real interviews with war veterans, La Sala pens “When Mommy Comes Home”, a story of a little boy Declan, whose mother, Emily, becomes deployed as a U.S. Coast Guard Helicopter pilot. We have military families stationed all over the world. This children’s book is not only for the military child but children all over the globe.

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Never Forgotten

When the Vietnam Veteran’s tours were over, they came home to find a country divided and a nation unappreciative of their service. How they were treated, how they integrated back into society, and how their wartime experiences changed them are just some of the questions answered, as their stories unfold in Never Forgotten. Told by the Veterans themselves, these are their stories.
“The book Never Forgotten, captures 58 Veteran’s accounts and others on what it was like to experience the Vietnam War. In their own words, they talk about their return home, struggles to maintain healthy relationships, decades of recovery, and feelings of worthlessness. Many find emotional well-being and self-worth by helping other Veterans. Those of us who are Veterans or whose loved ones have served in war, know with certainty we are different when we return home, than before we marched off to war. Because of this difference, for ourselves and for those we love and enjoy having in our lives, Never Forgotten is a must read.”
 ~ Michael B. Christy, Lt. Col. USA (ret) and Vietnam Veteran


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When Daddy Comes Home

Gia loves her daddy. When he comes home from work, he gives her big hugs, swings her in circles, and even calls her his princess! When her daddy is called to serve his country in Iraq and Afghanistan, Gia talks to him on the computer, helps bake him cookie care packages, and waits for the day he can come home. But when her daddy finally returns from his war experiences with the wounds of a warrior, Gia and her family soon discover that even though life is different, everything is still alright. When Daddy Comes Home shares a poignant story for children of a soldier’s journey to and from war as the family who loves him learns to open their hearts to change in the most positive light. Readplay App Available On Windows 8 and Windows 10 App Store HERE.

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Vietnam & Beyond

Vietnam and Beyond is a collection of wartime letters written home by Jim Markson from March 1967 to March 1968. Jim carried sadness and boxed-up memories from Vietnam. Perhaps, if it were not for the general divided and oppositional public opinion of the Vietnam War at that time, the soldiers returning home might have been able to open up and begin the healing process. Instead, those soldiers returning from Vietnam were afraid to tell their story. These fears bound each soldier to the other. We are very proud to embrace all veterans and include stories of veterans of all wars, including WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan to show the similarities of war and the soldier from one generation to another.

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  • “A LEAP OF FAITH is all about love, as well as the faith and courage of those who have survived deployment and in some cases, the battle after the battle upon returning home. I have no doubt that “A Leap of Faith” will be a rich source of encouragement for all of us, but I pray that Jenny Lasala’s pages willinspire a resolve to seize every opportunity possible to build relationships with our returning heroes and help them find sure footing on their new path as we reflect back to them how invaluable they are to us today.”

    - Chaplain Ann M. Wolf

  • “My girls love your book, WHEN DADDY COMES HOME!

    They did have some questions about how he got hurt, etc but my friend was pretty savvy in how she answered my daughter Keira, who said she loved the book because the daddy dances with his little girl just like her daddy dances with her.

    I was really impressed with the way that you wrote it in such a manner that you focused on all the positives and what he could still do with his family. That was key to my daughters’ perspective when reading – It is brilliant and I hope it is an incredibly helpful and healing tool for many soldiers and their children!”

    - Micala Christie-Hicks Siler, West Point Graduate and USMC Veteran

  • “Jenny, I received my copy of your book today, NEVER FORGOTTEN. It is an absolute treasure! What an incredible job you did on gathering the hearts and souls of us Veterans and then presenting it to the world in print. The mutual trust and respect between you and these Veterans is amazing. I am honored to be a part of NEVER FORGOTTEN. Thank you!”

    - Barney Tharp

  • Vietnam & Beyond is a well-written book that reflects the author’s respect for those who served in the Vietnam War. The personal accounts of experiences recorded by those who lived through the war have been offered as testimony to the realities of war in the mind and eyes of the participants. The authors do an excellent job of presenting the personal accounts reported in a way that provides readers with a first person narrative rather than re-wording or paraphrasing which can take away from the writer’s intended meaning. Finally, Jenny’s personal account of her experiences as a wife of a Vietnam Veteran shed light on a seldom-considered aspect of war; the burden and impact of war on a wife and mother who is often overlooked or forgotten when the toll of war is considered.”

    - Evan Francis, Vietnam Veteran

  • My Family Compass demonstrates the journey a family member takes to break free of the cycle of family dysfunction. Through a combination of story telling, poetry, and inspirational pieces, the author takes the reader through her growth and understanding of the reasons for the unraveling of parts of her family. Her clarity and honesty can serve as a guidepost for others who are on the same quest to comprehend the dynamics of their own family circle and how to make sure the cycle of dysfunction does not continue into succeeding generations.”

    - Carol Schultz Vento, daughter of WWII Veteran and author of The Hidden Legacy of WWII

  • Comes Soldier’s Whisper is a heart felt reminder of what our past generation went through during WWll. An intimate peek of love put on hold with all the sadness and joy of waiting for life to return to normal. A must read for anyone who had family or friends who served during this time in our history. It makes our difficulties of today seem small compared to what our nation’s youth suffered for our generation. It makes you want to thank every service person you see in uniform today. Thank you Jenny for sharing your family treasure with us.”

    - Tom Downham

  • When Daddy Comes Home is a must read for Veterans’ Families and is a timely addition to Children’s Books. Very well done presentation of a sensitive issue facing far too many families today.”

    - Mary Ann Rike

  • “God gives some of us special gifts of the sixth senses. You are a blessing to all of us veterans. We all have stories to tell and some need encouragers like you to pick us apart wound by wound to portray military service as an honor not a curse. Thank you, Jenny!”

    – Robert Demetry, Vietnam Veteran

    - Robert Demetry

  • Comes A Soldier’s Whisper: Bravo to the author for writing this book!

    - K.B. Smith

  • Vietnam And Beyond: A Personal View of War

    - Jamie McGrath

  • Vietnam And Beyond: One of the most insightful books written about Vietnam so far.

    - Alex

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